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Canadian Income TaxBelow are the tax slips that possibly relate to your situation. If applicable, please supply them to us.

Canadian Income Tax

  • Previous year's notice of assessment
  • Note changes to personal status, such as marriage, separation, births, new address, telephone number, disabilities, deaths, etc.
  • T4A(P) Canada Pension Plan Benefits
  • Pension Income (T4A)
  • T4 RIF
  • T4 (employment)
  • T4A (commisions and self-employed) 2020 Tax Check List
  • T4E (employment insurance)
  • T4OAS (old age security)
  • T5 (investment income)
  • T3 (income from trusts)
  • T5007 (workers' compensation/social assistance payments)
  • T5013 (partnership income)
  • Documents re: sale of investments/real estate
  • T4RSP (retirement savings plan income)
  • RRSP contribution slips
  • Medical receipts
  • Charitable donations
  • Tuition fees/education amount
  • Interest paid on student loan(s)
  • Professional dues/union dues
  • Details on foreign property holdings (if any)
  • Carrying charges/loan interest (Loans must be for income producing purposes)
  • Professional consultants' fees
  • Spousal support income/payments
  • Separation agreement (if it is the first year)
  • Dependent information (e.g., children, elderly parent, new spouse, etc.)
  • Child care information
  • Property taxes/rent paid and to whom
  • Moving expenses
  • Political contribution receipts
  • T2201 Disability tax credit claim form completed by doctor, first year or renewal
  • Tax shelter credits such as labour-sponsored venture capital investments
  • Tax installments paid in the year (receipts required)
  • RRSP Homebuyer and education withdrawal information

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